speckled racer

Speckled Racer

Drymobius margaritiferus


The Drymobius margaritiferus is a snake native to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas that is a region that is in the southernmost part of Texas. It includes Counties of Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Wilcacy and is bordered eastern-wards by the Texan Gulf coast and to the south by Rio Grande River in Mexico.


They are a fast-moving species that are swift to bite usually found in areas of thick vegetation pretty close to permanent water sources. They are known to favorite feeding on frogs and toads which may explain their preference for being more common around water sources. They are oviparous laying about 8 eggs between mid-spring and late summer months with eggs requiring about two months to incubate and hatching to lengths of 15cm achieving adulthood in about three years.


The Drymorbius Margaritiferus is often black with unique blue and yellow spots with one light-colored spot on each scale giving it an overall greenish hue. Growing to an average length of 76cm to 102cm in length, there have been records of some growing as much as 127cm. The dorsal scales are feebly keeled centrally whilst smooth on its edges and are arranged in 17 rows with ventrals amounting to between 142 and 168 whilst subcaudals are between 85 and 126. Furthermore, subcaudal scales and ventral plates are bordered in black posteriorly and it has divided anal plates.

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